Sunday, 14 September 2014

Big Wood

On the return trip from the West Coast I stopped in to visit my wood guy.  Yes, I have a wood guy.  His name is Andy and he’s been a lumberjack in the lower Fraser Valley for most of his life.  In that time he has accumulated a couple barn-fulls of wood.  And when I say barn full I mean that in the most literal sense possible.  The man has stacks of wood up to and in the rafters of a couple of barns.  While there I looked at a few boards and saw lots of nice wood which would have been great to take home, but there is only room for so much. 
At the end of the day I decided to bring back one large board.  It is a beauty of a board; a large Maple with some curled and quilted figure.  It also has moderate spalting which is an absolute dream for me.  The twisty black lines which come from spalting are a favorite feature of mine and I treasure even the tiniest pieces which exhibit it. 
The word board is a bit of an understatement, the board would really be best described as a slab.  Even the word slab doesn’t do this piece justice; it should really be called a large slab.  This piece of wood is magnificent, it ranges in width from 40" to 44" as the live edges wanders; and it is 12’ long. 

Andy Bringing the Slab out of Storage

Loading the Car

Unloading the Slab with my Neighbor Jeff, Thank Goodness he was Home
I envision making a dining or board room table from this beauty.  As of yet it is unspoken for; if you’re interested in it or know someone who is please drop me a line. 

Waiting in the Shop

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Pemberton - Revisted

Last week I went out to the west coast for some sailing with friends.  On the way there we took the long way around and I took the opportunity to check in on the timber frame barn in Pemberton on which I worked earlier this year.  It was really neat to see the finished building with the roofing installed and the finish applied.  

The Big Open Spans Really do Make for a Spacious Building

One of the Pieces I Worked on Hard at Work.

I'm in the Fine Print Down there Somewhere


The Finished Barn